Modern Lakeside Haven In Knoxville, TN

A Brief Overview

After a previous contractor left the homeowners with a leaky pool, a poorly executed concrete deck, and an unfulfilled vision, Morales Outdoor Living stepped in to create the modern oasis the homeowner envisioned. This project completely transformed a homeowner’s outdoor living space.





The Challenge

The previous contractor left the homeowners with a poorly installed concrete deck that lacked aesthetic appeal and had drainage issues. The pool leaked and had unsightly stains. After just 9 months, their dream outdoor space had become a source of frustration.

The 3-Phase Process



We collaborated with the homeowners in our showroom to find the perfect materials. They desired a clean, modern look, and white porcelain with a contrasting texture perfectly captured their vision. We also incorporated their love of artificial turf, creating a seamless integration with the porcelain.



The project began with a clean slate—demolishing the existing concrete deck and renovating the pool. The homeowners were concerned about the safety of the existing pool steps, so we built new pool entry steps before the final plaster application. Finally, we built the outdoor kitchen and putting green to complete the luxurious retreat.



The homeowners were overjoyed with the final results. Once shattered by the previous contractor, their dream has become a reality. They can now enjoy a beautiful, modern, functional outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

The Solution

Morales Outdoor Living provided a complete solution, from design consultation and material selection to demolition, construction, and final touches. We listened closely to the homeowner’s vision and adapted our approach to create their dream outdoor living space.

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