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Discover the unparalleled beauty and convenience of artificial turf and putting greens for your Knoxville home. Say goodbye to endless lawn maintenance and hello to year-round, vibrant greenery that’s both beautiful and functional. Artificial turf is designed to withstand the elements, offering a perfect play area for pets and children. 

With a putting green tailored to your preferences, you can enjoy the luxury of a private golfing retreat in your backyard. Experience the blend of aesthetics and practicality with our top-tier artificial turf and greens designed to enhance outdoor leisure time.

Popular Upgrades For Artificial Turf & Putting Greens In Knoxville

Pet Turf

Give your furry friends a clean, safe, comfortable outdoor area with pet turf. It's designed for durability and easy maintenance, ensuring your pets can play and relax in your Knoxville backyard without the mess.

Putting Green

Transform your backyard into a golfer's retreat with your own putting green. Practice your putt anytime in the convenience of your home.

Inlays In The Turf

Make your Knoxville outdoor space unique with custom artificial turf inlays. Feature your family crest or favorite team logo, and make a statement.

Upgrade The Fun With Artificial Turf & Putting Greens

Step into a world where your backyard becomes a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and sports. With our artificial turf and putting green installations, you can transform your outdoor area in Knoxville into a versatile space ready for anything from a tranquil morning coffee to an exciting round of golf. 

Adding pet turf ensures a worry-free zone for your furry friends to explore, while custom inlays can add a personal touch that makes the space yours. Create an outdoor living area that boosts the value of your home and makes life more fun.

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At Morales Outdoor Living, every project is a masterpiece. We are dedicated to superior craftsmanship and consider every detail. This commitment transforms your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional masterpiece that stands the test of time.

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Creativity is at the heart of Morales Outdoor Living. We thrive on innovation, customizing each project to meet the unique challenges of your space. Our approach combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, using inventive solutions that bring your vision to life.

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Integrity and professionalism are the foundations of our company. Our strong work ethic means we’re committed to excellence from start to finish, ensuring clear communication and timely delivery on every project. 

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Begin shaping your outdoor paradise by filling out our contact form. We’ll discuss your project, then meet on-site for an in-depth consultation where we outline your dream space.

Next, we enter the design phase. Here, you’ll select materials, collaborate with our design team, and watch as your vision becomes a blueprint for reality. Once the design captures your heart, we start transforming your outdoor space.

For a detailed view of our approach—from our first meeting to continuous support and follow-up—explore our full process.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Artificial Turf and Putting Green Installation In Knoxville

Not at all! One of the biggest appeals of artificial turf is its low maintenance requirements. Forget about watering, mowing, or fertilizing. A yearly sanding with the occasional brushing and rinsing is all it takes to keep your turf pristine and green all year round. And if there is ever debris, it’s easy to blow off. Artificial turf is a popular choice for busy homeowners or those seeking a hassle-free lawn in Knoxville.

Artificial turfs vary mainly in their material, pile height, and intended use, catering to different preferences and needs. For instance, shorter pile turfs are perfect for putting greens due to their tight surface. In comparison, longer pile turfs offer a softer, more natural-looking lawn for general landscaping. Special turfs are also designed for pets, offering extra durability and easy cleaning.

Absolutely! Transforming your backyard into a mini golf course is a fantastic way to personalize your outdoor space and offer endless entertainment for family and friends. 

Our team can design and install a custom mini golf course tailored to your space and preferences, turning your Knoxville backyard into your personal putting paradise.

The installation timeline for artificial turf in Knoxville can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. However, most artificial turf installations take 3–5 days.

Yes, many Knoxville artificial turf companies offer pet-friendly turf options for pet owners. These turfs incorporate features like:

  • Durable Backing: To withstand wear and tear from pet activity.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: To help reduce odors and the spread of bacteria.
  • Drainage Systems: These are for easy waste cleanup and to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.


When choosing artificial turf for your Knoxville home with pets, discuss your specific needs with the installation company. They can recommend the most suitable pet-friendly turf option for your yard.

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